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Motorization & Automation : Why FERMÉ-LUX?

Our motorization solutions make your life convenient and simple! With a simple click or push of a button, your garage door will open effortlessly! The automation of your garage doors, gates and sun protection is a better solution for those who find the manual opening/closing system compromising and sometimes difficult to operate.

At Fermé-Lux, take advantage of all the benefits of motorizing your gates and garage doors: intuitive operation, optimal security and a wide range of control options, in addition to technical assistance that can be reached at any time.

Garage door motorization

Gone are the days when you had to get out of your car to open your garage door! At Fermé-Lux, our services are always one step ahead: your automatic garage doors will also be equipped with an obstacle detection system to guarantee your safety while they are opening or closing.

At Fermé-Lux, and depending on your preferences, you can choose between different solutions for the control of your garage door: a remote control, an application on your smartphone, a wall keypad or others. With BlueSecur® from Hörmann or TaHoma® from Somfy, you have control in complete security at your fingertips.

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Motorization of swing gates

Automating a swing gate with Fermé-Lux means absolute comfort thanks to a special and adapted configuration. The access to your home must be highly secure, which is why we do not compromise on the quality of our motorization kits and services. With our partners Hörmann and Somfy, you can find the right solution for you.

The motorization services of the swing gates of Fermé-Lux are accompanied by real and durable guarantees, an instantaneous assistance will be reachable to you at any time putting at your disposal all our technical skills and technological rigor.

Enjoy the benefits of motorization with the professional services of Fermé-Lux!

You will be able to control your opening and closing systems of doors and gates without any effort!





Sliding gate motorization

Fermé-Lux is constantly offering its customers custom-made solutions for the motorization of sliding gates. Do you dream of an automatic opening system with precise, smooth and silent operation? Fermé-Lux is at your service!

Automatic sliding gates are all about quality, innovation and comfort. Thanks to exclusive services, we guarantee your peace of mind by offering you futuristic and state-of-the-art settings for your sliding gate.

Solar protection motorization

Motorization of a solar protection is an ingenious idea that will allow you to control the luminosity and thermal control in your spaces.

With BlueSecur® from Hörmann or TaHoma® from Somfy, your home is fully connected with secure access. You have total control through a remote control or application (tablet, smartphone).

Whether it’s for shutters, awnings, canopies or other exterior shades, you can remotely set the orientation and opening level of your solar protection thanks to a fast and efficient operation, offering you maximum comfort and relaxation,

Thanks to Fermé-Lux, you can have an intelligent solar protection system that understands you with a simple click!

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A 100% proactive service


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Un service adapté à nos clients


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An impeccable installation


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A clear and transparent offer